Leading a Fulfilled Life:

A Journey on Purpose

June 7th, 8th, and 9th - 2024

Danville, CA

A Men's Retreat Facilitated by:

Two Dudes – Richard ‘OB’ Obernesser & Steve ‘Swaz’ Schwasnick

 ~ Special Guest: Tom Walsh

In the serene haven of San Damiano Retreat, we, as a community of thoughtful, courageous, and purposeful men, will support, exchange ideas, and contemplate together. This will be a safe place for you to be intentional about you.


The quality of our relationships determines our fulfillment in life. While research may lead us to believe this is true, it’s another thing to live it. In this retreat, you may discover ways for you to refine some aspects of your internal relationship and foster connection with others. You are the author of your story. We will take it seriously yet hold it lightly.

Major Themes:

Momentum: Sometimes we are stuck. We explore blockers and discover some antidotes.

Meaning: We discover what is essential for us, not just to live; rather what may give us life. Without a rudder in our lives, we can be like a ship that moves in circles.

Mindfulness: We will explore three stages of mindfulness. Most of us have had the natural ability to pay attention conditioned out of us. Time to get it back.

Moments: The present moment has gifted us profound experiences in our lives. We will share instances that have surprised, challenged, or delighted us in ways we could not have imagined. By sharing our stories, we clear a space to move in a new direction.

You will develop actionable tools, techniques, and prompts over this weekend. Just as we may transmit our pain if it is not addressed, we can transmit empathy and presence with others when the opportunities arise. Sometimes we need to retreat to rise.

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Your Facilitators

Richard 'OB' Obernesser

Richard is a certified professional coach (CTI) and former executive leader in several industries. He provides consulting and coaching for business leaders. Experiencing success, setbacks and adversity has produced learnings he tailors to his clients, while honoring their journey. He helps others to accept, assimilate and grow on their terms.

Richard and his wife Karla (LMHC) are Co-founders of WeDO Relationships. Their mission is to foster life-giving relationships that withstand adversity. You can hear them as they discuss emotional fitness and relationship resiliency on their podcast (WeDO Relationships – The Podcast), available on your favorite streaming service. They have led retreats (including San Damiano) for 25 years, coached couples, and developed self-directed relationship enhancement programs. For more information visit WeDORelationships.com.

Steve 'Swaz' Schwasnick

Steve is a seasoned business leader and executive mentor. He has a passion for guiding individuals towards professional and personal fulfillment and has dedicated his career to empowering people to reach their full potential.

As a personal coach, Steve works closely with men from all walks of life, offering tailored guidance and support to help them achieve their goals. Whether it's advancing in their careers, improving relationships, or fostering a deeper sense of fulfillment, he provides the tools and strategies necessary for sustainable growth.

Steve's approach is rooted in empathy, authenticity, and a firm belief in the potential of every individual he works with. Through mentorship, coaching, and strategic guidance, he empowers men to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and lead lives of purpose and fulfillment.

Tom 'Qi Tom' Walsh

After witnessing his first miracle at a young age, Tom has been on a lifelong quest of understanding, healing and faith. Blessed with the entrepreneurial spirit, Tom started a small business in his 20s that allowed him the abundance and flexibility to follow his heart’s passion into his mature years. As a father, husband, and business owner, one thing has remained constant throughout Tom’s life: his deep love of being of service to others. Tom is a Level 2 graduate of Morning Crane’s Qigong Teacher Training and is currently studying in the Shelton Qigong Curative Course. Spending the first half of his life a devoted community leader, Tom now dedicates his time to helping those wishing to refine themselves and step into a life of freedom.


A little more about the beauty of San Damiano Retreat - worth the trip alone...

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
~ J.R.R. Tolkein


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Situated with convenient access from both Oakland or San Fransisco airports and all the normally congested highways of Northern California :) Kidding - worth the trip - your spirit and less anxious body will thank you.