Series: Manage the Emotional Flood

How to increase the likelihood of productive conflict
  • 11 Video Lessons
  • The Science Behind the Flood
  • 3 Things to Master
  • 4 Steps: The How-Tos
  • Exercise to Lock it In
  • All Your Work is Private
  • Real Life Applications

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Includes: The ABCs of Emotional Flooding Management


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Karla, Richard and WeDO Relationships are the real deal, providing ‘best of’ experience, wisdom and coaching for anyone who wants a life-giving relationship.    Scott and I are married 37 years and attended our first retreat (reluctantly) with them a decade ago.   Now we participate in as many of Karla and Richard’s retreats, webinars and online programs as possible because each helps us grow as individuals and as a couple… and they’re always fun!   WeDO costs so little in time and money yet has yielded so much happiness, knowledge and love in return.

Jane & Scott B.

 As a newly engaged couple, we have found WeDO relationships to be a meaningful addition to this exciting time of our lives. The content is engaging and approachable, allowing us to spend some structured time together in a low-pressure, low-stakes way. Through WeDO, we are learning about ourselves and each other while learning communication tools and techniques for self-introspection. It has prompted healthy and vigorous conversations that allow us to explore topics that we might otherwise wait to tackle until we are in crisis down the road. WeDO Relationships feels like a tune-up for our partnership that we can revisit as it grows and evolves.

Dirk & Olivia M.

Karla and Richard have been part of our lives, both as a couple and individually, for well over 15 years providing us with support and nourishment for our relationship to one another and those around us. The toolbox available to us to strengthen our relationship is second to none. It’s not hard to look back on our lives and wonder how different they might have been had we started working on the hard things earlier in life, and at the same time we are grateful to have Karla, Richard and WeDO Relationships today strengthening our relationship for tomorrow.

Steve & Michele S.