WeDO Relationships

Single Session - Couples Coaching with Karla and Richard (The Obies)

Begin a process to lean into an obstacle or an issue that may have you stuck. We provide a safe place for your relationship to flourish.

What you'll get:

  • Respect and understanding for where you are today, as we get to know you and what's important to you as a couple.

Something to Consider...

  • If you purchase the 3 session package you can save $25 per session.

    Best results are usually experienced after a series of 3 sessions or more. Together, we increase the odds of long-term success. Magic happens during and "in between" the sessions.
  • An initial game plan to address a topic or "block" that can lead to openness; and curiosity as to what is possible.
  • Notes, suggestions, and resources at your fingertips within a private system accessible from anywhere
  • Exclusive access to all of our on-line self-help programs.

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$275.00 USD

WeDO Relationships