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Series: Manage the Emotional Flood

When Emotion is High, Wisdom is Low. Overwhelming feelings are unruly and can nudge moments to become life-draining... if we don't have a plan. The ABCs of emotional flooding management helps you create your safety plan to explore tender topics. A must have for those that want to be present and productive in their lives and successfully manage adversity in relationships as it comes and goes. It happens to all of us.

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What People Are Saying:

Karla, REALLY enjoyed the "Emotional Flooding" series... It's just incredible, the level of yours and Richard's love, compassion and understanding, how it speaks to us and heals us at so many levels! And made us get in the work, having courageous conversations! Obviously, so much thought and effort has been put into these series! We really appreciate all your hard work! We are recommending these to everyone we talk to...

Rita and Tom - D

WeDO Relationships